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River Rafting In Rishikesh

On the Ganges, the main stretch for rafting starts 36 km above Rishikesh. This whole stretch is divided into multiple smaller stretches and a suitable one is on offer for the guests depending on the skill level and prior rafting experience. The amateur as well as the rafting veteran; nobody goes home disappointed. The rapids on this whole stretch range from class 1 to class 4+ with class 6 being termed as “un-navigable”. Rafting in Ganges is as much spiritually satisfying as is it thrilling. You cannot but ask for more when it all ends.

The river flowing through the Shivalik Himalayas at Rishikesh has on offer some picturesque scenery. The popular rafting stretch starts from Marine Drive a few Kilometers downstream from our camp and ends at NIM Beach (Tapovan), a little upstream from Rishikesh. Here you’ll be combining 2 stretches with Shivpuri lying almost at the mid-point. The whole stretch is around 26 kms and can last anywhere between 3.5 to 4 hours depending on the water volume of the day. For the more adventurous lot we could start right at our camp, which would help you hit two big rapids, which have become infamous as the “flippers”. Hardly a few rafts get past these rapids without getting flipped. When the water volume is high you can spend all day just standing beside these rapids and watching the fun as raft after raft topples before moving down. And the experience you go through when a raft flips is something you’ll be telling your grandchildren too!

All the gushing and surging of the river smoothens as we reach the end of our stretch at NIM Beach. Then on, the river moves serenely and majestically into the holy land of Rishikesh dotted with ashrams and spiritual centers on both sides of the river.

You can further elongate your rafting trip by flowing under the famed “Ram Jhula” and “Laxman Jhula”. It’s a very pretty sight as people on the bridge above throw food dumplings into the water and you can catch glimpses of big fish vying for them.

This whole rafting stretch and the river Ganges as a whole is so popular among rafting enthusiasts worldwide, that rafters and kayakers from all over come here to spend a season learning in these waters.


The Ganges has a mixed river section of Grade I – IV Rapids. Mild waters to wild waters followed by placid stretches where one can even body surf with the gentle waves. No risks are taken and if our guides determine that certain sections of the river are inappropriate, their word and decision is final.

All the rapids along this famous stretch have been christened with suitable names. So don’t be surprised when the water wishes you a gentle “Good Morning” as you start before taking you on through “Black Money” and “Butterfly”. The first blind mouse of the “3 blind mice” will shock you by its force. If that was big wait till you meet “Roller Coaster” which will actually give you a feeling of being on one. Go hopping from one hole to the other as you route through the “Golf Course” before congregating for a game of cards at the “Club House”. The biggest among all of them is “The Wall” and it lives up to its name more often than not. While the rapids thrill you as you raft along, their names will fascinate you. You are left thinking what would have passed through the guy who gave them the cryptic names. You’ll have to raft down many times over before it all dawns slowly.

It is a different sort of fun when you sit with the river guides for a conversation over a cup of ‘chai’. They talk and rave about their exploits on each rapid as if they were living entities giving them names and infusing them with life. Thinking a little deeply, they do have lives - always moving, always changing and always giving each person rafting through them, their own thrilling memories to take away.


Rishikesh River Rafting Stretches With Rapids :

White Water Rafting stretches in Rishikesh can be divided in four categories namely Basic, Standard, Moderate and Advanced.

Brahmpuri till Rishikesh Rafting Stretch – It is 9 KMs upstream from Rishikesh Basic water rafting stretch, comprising mostly mild rapids of Grade II or at best Grade III. Initiation, Double Trouble, Hilton and Terminator are the rapids. The stretch is ideal for children as well as adults who are actually seeking completely riskless adventure. The total time duration for this stretch is approximately 1 hours.

Shivpuri till Rishikesh Rafting Stretch – It is 16 KMs upstream from Rishikesh comprising Grade IV rapids such as Roller Coaster & Golf Course. This water rafting stretch has "recovery pool" or still waters following the Grade IV size rapids and is ideal for first time water rafters. The total time duration for this stretch is approximately 3 hours.

Marine Drive till Shivpuri Rafting Stretch – It is 12 KMs upstream from Rishikesh comprising Grade 1 and Grade II rapids such as Three Blind Mice, Crossfire, Bodysurfing, Return to Sender. The total time duration for this stretch is approximately 2 hours.

Marine Drive till Rishikesh Rafting Stretch – It is 26 KMs upstream from Rishikesh comprising Grade 1 and Grade II rapids such as Three Blind Mice, Crossfire, Bodysurfing, Return to Sender, Roller Coaster, Golf Course, Double Trouble, Hilton and Terminator. The total time duration for this stretch is approximately 4 hours.

Kaudiyala till Rishikesh Rafting Stretch – It is 36 KMs upstream from Rishikesh comprising mostly Grade IV+ rapids like "The Wall". The Wall is categorized as Grade IV+ rapid and most usually rafts get flipped in it. The water rafting stretch is ideally suited for experienced rafters. The total time duration for this stretch is approximately 6 hours.

Best Time for River Rafting in Rishikesh

Very few rivers in the world are endowed with the mystique of Ganges, considered as the living mother Goddess revered by the Hindu devotees. Rafting on her majestic waters is undoubtedly the experience which shuns all the fear and gives perfect enjoyment. The ideal rafting season in Rishikesh for enjoying rafting experience begins from 15th Sept. To 30th June, inclusive of the starting and ending dates. During this time, the tourists can also explore the adventure of camping along with rafting at our camp site.

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